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Mr. Alafate AdiliOrganic Chemistry

Catalytic Enantioselective Diasterodivergent Oxa-Pictet−Spengler Reactions

Mr. Abdulaziz AlanaziBiophysical

The encapsulation of reactive guest molecules including free-base and metalloporphyrins within two CdII-carboxylate MOFs

Mrs. Arwa AlharbiPhysical Chemistry

Theoretical and experimental study of the photoreaction and thermal isomerization of merocyanine photoacid (mPAH) and spiropyran

Adam AshcraftMaterials Chemisry

Locking-in 1-Dimensional π-Conjugated Superstructures to Regulate the Formation of Well-Defined Nanoscale Objects

Dr. Antonio Bauza RieraComputational Chemistry

On the importance of DNA structure in TF-DNA binding: A theoretical approach.

Ms. Megan BentleyComputational Chemistry

High-Level Computational Study of Vinoxy

Ms. ChristiAnna BrantleyInorganic Chemistry

The use of pseudo-carboxylates in homometallic cobalt cluster chemistry

Christopher BrewerInorganic Chemistry

Photochemistry of (η3-allyl)Ru(CO)3X precursors for photoassisted chemical vapordeposition

Mr. Thai Son CaoInorganic Chemistry

Spin switching in molecular nanoparticles of manganite perovskites


Mr. Israel Castillo GonzalezBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Characterization of a mouse model of uveal melanoma.

Minsun ChaBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Investigation of charcoals, inorganic salts, and organic solvents for CoA dimer purification

Mr. Hyunjun ChoeBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Effect of the active site arginine mutation on acyl-CoA substrate preference of serine palmitoyltransferase

Mrs. Yarixa Cintron-DiazAnalytical Chemistry

Protein screening of native brain sections using LESA-TIMS-MS

Brandon CooperComputational Chemistry

Efficient integrators for time-dependent coupled-cluster theory

Wesley CunninghamMaterials Chemisry

Intracellular-targeted nanomaterials synthesized from the renewable biopolymer lignin

 Name Topic Title