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 Name Topic Title
Ms. Keeley HernesmanPhysical Chemistry

Radial Precipitation Patterns from Microemulsions in a Confined Geometry

Ms. Sajini HettiarachchiMaterials Chemisry

Triple conjugated carbon dots as a nano-drug delivery model for glioblastoma brain tumors

Mr. Sean HoranAnalytical Chemistry

Rapid, semi-automated solid phase extraction of dissolved trace metals from seawater

Mr. Mingzhu HuangBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Probing amide-gold interaction by single-molecule conductance spectroscopy

Mr. Ivan IshkovBiophysical

Environmental triggers of lrgA expression in Steptococcus mutans

Mr. Mohit JaiswalBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Cell-selective metabolic engineering for labeling GPI anchored proteins in cancer cells.

Ms. Kaylie JanickiBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

A site-specific comparison of spherical and tubular capsid structure and assembly of Rous Sarcoma Virus

Mr. Abiola JimohOrganic Chemistry

Gold Redox Catalysis for Cyclization/Arylation of Allylic Oximes: Synthesis of Isoxazoline Derivatives

Ms. Emily JohnsonAnalytical Chemistry

Electrolessly Synthesizing Manganese Dioxide Particles Using Gold Microtubes as a Catalyst

Matthew KhouryPhysical Chemistry

Analysis of Methanol Cluster Aggregation via Mass Spectrometry Under Variable Pressure

Lijun LangComputational Chemistry

Computational approaches for p53-MDM2/X cancer inhibitors


Dr. Myeongsang LeeBiophysical

Computational study of binding interaction between polymorphic actin filaments and gelsolin

Mr. Ruipeng LeiBiophysical

Study the accessibility of the heme cavity in hexacoordinate globins by using fluorescent heme analog

Xuming LIOrganic Chemistry

Triazole-imidazole (TA-IM) derivatives as ultrafast fluorescent probes for selective Ag+ detection

Chuan LiuMaterials Chemisry

Photophysical, morphological and potentiometric properties of (porphinato)zinc(II)-derived supramolecular polymers and related superstructures

 Name Topic Title