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Mr. Joshua WelschOrganic Chemistry

Isolation of secondary metabolites from Antarctic sponge Artemisina plumosa for potential DNA Topoisomerase I inhibition

Mr. Joshua WelschOrganic Chemistry

Isolation of Secondary Metabolites from Antarctic SpongeArtemisina plumosa for Potential DNA Topoisomerase I Inhibition

Qingyu XingOrganic Chemistry

A Novel Design and Preparation of an Triazole-Based tridentate ligand

Dr. Baofu XuBiochemistry / Chem Bio.

Study on the Biosynthesis of Piperidine Ring Scaffold of Huperzine A

Mrs. Elham YaaghubiOrganic Chemistry

A Class of Organosulfur Compounds Active Against HER2+ and EGFR+ Breast Cancer Cells

Ms. Bingjie YangOrganic Chemistry

Bioassay-guided isolation of mangrove fungal secondary metabolites against tuberculosis

Mr. Mark YarolimekPMSE/POLY

Harnessing chiral biomass to improve the properties of sustainable polymers

Dr. Fuchao YuOrganic Chemistry

Direct α-cyanation/phosphorylation of unprotected cyclic amines

Jo-Chi YuInorganic Chemistry

Ruthenium(II) carbonyl halide complexes as focused electron beam induced deposition precursors

Teng YuanOrganic Chemistry

Directed Aldol Reaction of 1,4-Diketones Synergistically Catalyzed by Gold and Ferric Acetylacetonate

Mr. zhengbo zhuOrganic Chemistry

Catalytic enantioselective oxa-Pictet–Spengler reactions with ketals

 Name Topic Title