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NameMrs. Arwa Alharbi
Organization or InstitutionFlorida Institute of Technology
TopicPhysical Chemistry

Theoretical and experimental study of the photoreaction and thermal isomerization of merocyanine photoacid (mPAH) and spiropyran


Arwa Alharbi, Clayton Baum, Yi Liao

Author Institution(s)

Florida Institute of Technology


The recently discovered metastable-state photoacids (mPAH) can produce a large proton concentration with high efficiency and good reversibility. Most metastable-state photoacids are protonated merocyanines (MEH). Under irradiation, an MEH is converted to acidic spiropyran (SP). However, conversion between MEH and SP can also occur thermally at different pH. A series of molecules have been synthesized to study the thermal equilibrium and kinetics of ring-opening between MEH and SP. The results of this study explain the reason that the merocyanine photoacid has a stable MEH state and faster reaction rate of ring opening reaction after irradiation while the well-known spiropyran has a stable SP state.